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  1. That ventriloquist was fantastic, and she was so sweet and earnest, on a mission to keep ventriloquism alive. With talent like hers for support, it would seem that it has a good chance for survival. Everybody loved her.

  2. To be honest….Grace reminds me of Sia wayyy more than Taylor Swift. I find Grace way more talented than Taylor because her songs hold so much of meaning but again, I'm just giving my opinion. I'm sorry if I offended a Swiftie

  3. Fell asleep with my headphones on at the computer, and the little girl singing at around sixteen minutes woke me up. I had goose bumps. Jesus man. It's the kind of heartfelt sincerity that the big studios pay millions trying to replicate, but never quite manage.

  4. Grace deserved to win this competition by far. If she can sing like that with her mouth closed, I wanna hear her sing without the puppets also. She sings better with her mouth almost closed than most of the people who get on this show.

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