America’s Got Talent 2017 Who Makes It to the Live Shows Judge Cuts Winners Part 2 S12E10


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  1. Ok so I know some may have sad stories but to be fair, this is a talent show. Like if a cancer survivor who sings really badly go through but not an amazing dance act, I feel like I won't be able to respect the judges and the show anymore.

  2. There is so much singing show. Why always giving the golden buzzer to the singers when there are so many people so talented in dance, who makes things dangerous and difficult. It's American got talents or American got voices? Sorry i'm tired of this it's always singers who win when they can go in so many singing show.

  3. I am really surprised that singers are mostly the winners on this show( Not that I really mind) but this show has become THE VOICE. 90% of this show is singers( I don't mind if the contestants are singers) but I really think that the judges should consider some other acts eventhough its not a singing act, should go to the live finals. I BET 100% that next year, AGT's contestants are 99% singers.

    C,mon Judges this is no LONGER AGT. It has become a mixture of The voice and America's idol. I don't mind singers in this show nor if they are the winner of the show but there are other talents that should deserved to go to the live finals( at least deserves to go to the live finals)
    Throwing any notion of talents from people across the world and instead putting a show that Titles "AGT" and turning it into a mixture of the Voice and America's idol.

    This show will be 100% filled with singers in the next 2-5 years to come. I DON'T mind singers being winners of this show, but this has become a total rebellion againts a show that has a title called "AGT". A show that filled with talented people from across the globe and making it into a show of singers that suppose to be in The voice

  4. I'm tired of this, we already have TONS of Singing shows where people can compete and sing in. can we have it where a LEGIT act wins instead of like a singer, magician or puppet guy wins??. I was rooting for the Quiddlers cause they were awesome. now we only have the usual acts as every agt.

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