Best the voice Australia all of time Blind

List song :
01: One more Night – Chris Sheehy
02: Scarborough_Fair – Celia Pavey
03: Broken Vow – Harrison Craig
04: Brand New Key – Kaity Dunstan
05: Un Giorno Per Noi A Time For Us – Luke Kennedy
06: Girl On Fire – Kathy Hinch
07: It’s A Man’s World – Karise Eden kariseeden
08:Teenage Dream – Kelsie Rimmer KelsieRimmer
09: La_Vie_En_Rose – Rachael Leahcar rachaeleahcar
10: Apologise – Adam Martin
11: Gravity – Brittany Cairns
12: Mercy – Emma-Louise Birdsall

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  1. Viewing this makes me so proud of the talent of people of my country. No wonder there has been so many views of this. AWESOME STUFF. As they say, I'm cutting onions watching this.

  2. When your voice makes SEAL jump out of his seat and dance all around the stage – thats when you know youre freaking good!
    BTW: That girl stars in a great little Aussie series called Love Child – set in the early 70's and she plays a night club singer!
    At first I thought she was just lip syncing – and now that I see her here Im like : DAAAAAAAAAMMMNNN she can really SING!
    Love Child is a great little series – and its got a FANTABULOUS soundtrack – if no one has seen it yet, I recommend it 🙂

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