Britain’s Got Talent 2017 Sian Pattison – Simon Stops Emotional Singer Full Audition S11E03


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  1. It's not that Simon is rude, it's just that he's honest and people think that's rude but he really is for the people and has a good heart, and definitely knows his talent.

  2. She sang pretty well. I anticipated the first song but well, it stopped, not even half-way through. Same happened to some other contestants. Upon seeing comments and what these shows did things, I think it wouldn't hurt to stop watching. It seems to have more negativity than positive impact on anyone as the more it continues. Whether it's for the performers or audiences. It's all for a show that people become judgmental and hypocritical. I do wonder why was she not in the music industry despite having such a lengthy accreditation from whatever online sources. Some people may have been scared of being judged professionally if you have been a professional based on the source 'provided by the net again'. So what? Anyone can be nervous at any time. Through times. Have you all been who you were yesterday or the day before or the years before? You could be a professional, but how do you feel when you went for your job interviews, kid's parent-teacher days or whatever audition that you may have. Sometimes, you are good but that does not mean you won't get rejection. This is a very good case. I do think the talking before the act was a waste of time and only contribution was a judgment that has a bias. Some are good but not all because people were just going to make things up or whatever. Then, people who have seen these going would be starting a thread out of nothing to something. Some out of jealousy, some out of a show.

    To all audience, I hope you will get judge by how you judged others in whatever you do. Good luck. Probably when you first met someone, you should blurt out everything of what you can do and what you can't do. Bring out your golden papers, bring out whatever lunch you just had, bring out what you have done for the past fifteen years, bring out what job you are doing or were doing and what do you do for a pastime or any other things you would have done over the weekends? I wonder how many percent of it helped with the singing part or be allowed to share.

    Lastly, Sian Pattison, you sang well. If everyone just judge on one person's ability, based on their background, it is just a bias and a waste. You have a nice voice. I do enjoy listening. To the 10 year old daughter, you did nothing wrong. It is great to encourage others and let them do things they did best especially your family and friends. No matter what the world may say, it will always be said regardless of whatever that went on.

  3. Any time I want to watch BGT or AGT I come to your account because I know you'll have the best videos with the full season and everything. Thanks for posting them and sharing them with us Anthony.

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