The French TWINS, after America’s Got Talent, ARE BACK with a new spectacular trick! CIGARETTES includes everything you need, resets instantly, is easy to do and does NOT use tobacco. Grab yours now from magic dealers worldwide!

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  1. This looks like the perfect trick for the time travelling magician who can go back to a time when not just everybody smoked, but everybody smoked factory-rolled cigarettes LOL

  2. Funny thing about that case is I bought almost the exact one off Amazon a few weeks ago. I'd just seen an Adam Elbaum lecture and he uses cigarette cases to store his thread setups so I bought one, I think almost the exact same one. It's a really nice case but a bit too large for what I was wanting but still identical to that case. Maybe I'll take up smoking again so I can use it and look cool. 🙂

  3. LOL, looks like a cool trick. But try it in the US – 'Do you have a cigarette?' 'No.', 'Do you have a cigarette?' 'No', 'Do you have a cigarette?' 'Disgusting', 'Do you have a cigarette?' 'There's no smoking in public parks', 'Do you have a cigarette?'…………

  4. This is bill shit I can make this with a pack of cigarettes the only thing on that video that be worth anything would be the vanish but unfortunately that is impossible without CGI

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