Darci Lynne – AllI Want For Christmas

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  1. Cant believe some of the whiners here.  So maybe it isn't a perfect performance . . . who cares?  Uber-talented Darci and her talented young friends having a great time, and I for one am smiling.  For those of you who say she can't sing, if you still think that after listening to THIS, you need your ears checked:  

    . That bunny ain't singing, people!  Darci just turned thirteen, for crying out loud.  She will only continue to improve with maturity and experience, but she's already fantastic.  You go, girl!

  2. ok ok 🙂 i like angelica hale version more passion can feel the christmas no offense guys but darci the back up singers i consider that i a band i got it but in my opinion darci cant take too much voice out loud frankly her voice with out puppet is standard same like celine more pratice should and she need more stage impact not just like singing and standing like a tree hello -,- i think she didnt know what kind of song she sing …not jolly to watch so im not impressed ..and also at that point when the lyrics going high note the other kid sing i wonder if whole lyrics only darci sing …O_o??? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just want to say merry christmas and goodluck

  3. I am not trying to be mean but Darci needs to stick with her Puppets! She is great singing with them but don’t try to sing something Angelica has already sung on TV and out of the country. You know now the two girls will be compared. Not good. Darci continue with what you do best and Angelica do what she does best. Then both girls win.

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