Grace VanderWaal Semifinals – Original Song “Light The Sky” – America’s Got Talent 2016

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  1. The compassionate and empathetic Grace VanderWaal sang this delightful tune at the closing ceremony of the 2007 Special Olympics in Austria. Successful composers who are also lyricists are always superstars.

  2. Grace has a double opportunity here. Some of the other finalists are singers who might be interesting in singing her songs. Her charm and composing skill saved her tonight. People were eager to hear another new song. It sounded like she was having a little trouble with her voice like Amira Willighagen had just before she won Holland's Got Talent but since it is an original song she can call it her cello variation. Amira found English composer/violinist/pianist Alma Deutscher to write music and lyrics for her but luckily Grace can save that step. The all-American hair style was cute and helped distinguish her from Laura Bretan who has already won Rumania's Got Talen

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