His Voice Leaves The Audience SPEECHLESS – Brian Justin Crum Covers Creep by Radiohead

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Brian Justin Crum Covers Creep by Radiohead and leaves the audience speechless
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  1. I love the singing on the higher, bigger, louder notes. Very powerful voice. I'm not crazy, however, about that modern white guy R & B trembly whine on the softer moments. That very Sam Smith-esque sound. I've grown extremely tired of guys singing like that these days. Though I know there are a bunch of young girls who've been so conditioned to swoon to that. He's got a great voice though. It's more the style of singing he's employing in certain moments that's off-putting for me. The bigger bits he proves he can certainly carry a big note. He simply doesn't need that vibrato tremble.

  2. BEYOND EXQUISITE. look at the eyes of the people and the judges. There are very few who have that amazing, amazing, amazing talent. You are truly something Brian Justin Crum.

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