Indian kid on talent show | young boy Akash makes India proud

6 Years old Indian boy have excellent talent on Steve harvy show… Share and subscribe

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  1. Im from Singapore. A decade ago, an Indian girl as young as 6yrs old came to Singapore with her parents. Teachers here were shocked she knows geography and history at that age and her maths..goodness gracious.. Teachers were shocked. We thot probably she has higher I.Q. but that is not the case.. we also read papers and got to know from media there are other Indian students from India performing extraordinarily at school at such a young age. Now Singapore has 2 India-Indian owned Top Universities! Australia, Canada and German International Schools here in Singapore specially request for Indian Teachers for Maths, Science and Child Care too. Not only the adults, Indian kids are born with great intellectual capabilities. Culture play the biggest role here! Even then, they share their knowledge in guiding others as well. Their policy, We came empty handed and shall leave empty handed! That simpleπŸ˜ŠπŸ–’ Besides the way the World made to condemn you, you know where You Stand Rising Above All! Bravo!!

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