Russia’s Got Talent | Bollywood KATHAK dance | Svetlana Tulasi & Kumar Sharma | Jag Ghoomeya Sultan

Russia’s Got Talent semi-final performance by Svetlana Tulasi & Kumar Sharma
Indian Classical Kathak dance with a Bollywood touch

Svetlana Tulasi:
Kumar Sharma:

Song: Jag Ghoomeya from the movie Sultan (starring Salman Khan)
Song cover with kathak bols: Kumar Sharma
Choreography: Kumar Sharma & Svetlana Tulasi
Costumes: Oxana Gluhova & Tatyana Alexandrova
Sound: Dmitry Migal & Daniel Yusupov
Stage concept: Garik Rudnik & Nikolay Podoshva-Zakharov
Production coordinator: Yulia Kudryashova

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  1. Hi Svetlana, I didn't count but I think I've watched your dance performance more than 100 times and absolutely love it. You and Kumar are sensational. I am not Indian but I love the Kathak dance style. You and Kumar are breathtaking. I love your costumes and the colours too. You guys have great chemistry on stage. I don't even have to say how beautiful you guys are. You are stunning and Kumar is a hot piece of meat 😀 I hope to see more videos of you in the future. Much love from Australia and UK.

  2. There are no words to describe your grace…you are making India really proud..your every performance is an awesome surprise. Although I'm born and raised in India, I don't know anything about Indian classical dance and then I see you so proficient.. I feel so ashamed about myself. I hope I can start learning Indian classical, especially Kathak very soon 🙂 Love from India

  3. Wonderful ….I Salute to you Madam…… for Represent Our Country – India……Thanks…. You Love Our Country……and also thanks and Love for the Bollywood Music…..

    Thanks & regards
    Subhasish Saha from City of Joy (India)

  4. Sad thing is that, we Indians are forgetting our ancient cultural due to our British-based-education system. But I am happy at least someone is preserving our culture.
    You both have performed fantastical.

  5. too excellent suberb dance proud to be daughter of indian dad & russian mom its a combination of russia india freindship U making India so proud by doing so hard work so excellent superb dance keep it up Pray GOD to giv e u strength to do such excellent performance in future too & make russia india freindship too dense

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