Skyline Nuke Scene with Predator Drones and Stealth Bomber Fighter UAV



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  1. I like the concept of the movie. But the initial flash from that nuke blast would have fried their retinas. Even if it was just a small tactical weapon.
    Anyway, this is a very small part of the many reasons why I would never live in a large city. They make very good targets for both terrestrial and alien attacks.

  2. wouldn't gave been any carcass to crash after the nuke. also the guy with the telescope would not have been able to stay on target and if the light flash didn't kill him he would be in agony and everyone in the room staring at the fireball would at least be temporarily blind at that range. i just check my brain at the door for these movies where physics don't exist and enjoy the special effects.

  3. no need for drones and computer controlled jets by teenage kids, the pilots from top gun in1986 would blast these aliens back to where they came from…!!! Maverick, Iceman, Goose, Viper, Jester and Wolfman!! old school aerial combat fighters baby!

  4. First of all, that guy should have been blinded. Second, they should have gotten radiation poisoning. Third, that bomb should have destroyed the entire alien fleet along with the city, i don't care if they are intelligent. that ship rebuilding itself bullshit was a cop out.

  5. In reality, the U.S. would have then hit it with an ICBM after seeing it crash. Why? The velocity of the warhead combined with the actual detonation (Much higher Yield) would have ensured destruction than the multi kiloton nuke they used in this scene.

  6. I do think they send drones and stealth bombers for no reason because they wouldnt be enffected by the blue beam light. So yea no one was in the front seat of the stealth bomber it was controllered by MAYBE a pro gamer, god knows but it was good EPIC AIR BATTLE

  7. My armchair aeronautics degree tells me that those predator drones' wings would tear doing those maneuvers with those fictional jet engines/afterburners.

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