Ultimate Fails Compilation #102 || January 2017 || FailFun

Enjoy brand new weekly compilation of the Best Fails of 2017 including ski and snowboard tricks, parkour moves and skateboarding gone wrong, kids getting …



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  1. I feel like I just watched a families home video of funniest not funny moments. People falling and it's suppose to be sooo funny. Like Alpha Zero said…when not enough funny shit happens in a weeks time.

  2. It's FailFun, you come here to look at fails and have a laugh. The guy with the dentures was not a fail, he was trying to be funny, and even if it was considered a fail for being a crap joke, then it's not a fail, because people are still laughing, that's why they come here, to have a laugh, so he joke served it's purpose.

  3. I'm afraid fails just ain't what they used to be. Don't you expect guys doing wheelies on bikes to overdo it and fall on their asses? Don't you expect kids going over ramps to land hard on the front wheel and go over the bars? Don't you expect people sledding down a hill to fall out of the sled? BORING!!!!

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