WORST & ANGRIEST AUDITION EVER On American Idol | Idols Global

Mary Roach the angriest audition on American Idol! ‘The Worst I’ve ever heard’ claims Simon Cowell.
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  1. She looks and acts just like my childhood baby sitter…spooky and geeky. She would always bring me "Goodies" (as she called it) when she would come to the house. The bag of goodies was full of toys and snacks. I had an old 1920s house that often made creepy noises so she acted a bit strange when she would hear a noise. She would stop, move her eyes around and whisper "what is that?". I don't live in that house anymore though. Sometimes she talked to herself too, while I played with my toys (I was 6). Though I didn't think much of it. Years later when I was old enough to stay home alone, my old baby sister had been in a mental hospital 10 times, a few years after she babysitted me. Once I had found that out about her, not to be mean but it didn't surprise me. She was always real nice though

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