Ellie’s Talent Show Competition!

Ellie Holds her very own Talent show Competition, which lots of fun characters enter! Grandma performs a cool rap, Gemma the Ghost does a lyrical dance about a ghost, GiGi the gymnast does an acro and Gymnastics performance, Nelly the nerd sings a song about why school is cool, Popular Poppy and Princess selfie do a dance duet, Mischievous Milly recites a poem all about Pranks, and Toddler Tiffany does a dance about being the perfect toddler! Who will do the best act? And who will win?

Comment below who you think the winner should be!
Thanks so much for watching!

~Ellie xo

Music By:
Josh Woodward: Vegan Zombies, Coffee, Learn to Fly,

Jason Shaw:HipHop1, Don’t Stop, Wheels,

Kevin Macleod: Cipher2, Who Likes to Party, Chipper Doodle v2, Rainbows, Disco Medusae, Happy Alley, Pixelland, Life of Riley, Wallpaper, Daily Beetle, Beach Bum, Heartwarming

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