I don’t make fun of scars cause I don’t have any
I make fun of scars because i have too many.
Whats a scar when its open.
Whatever it is I’ve been
I’m emotionally conflicted, got no feelings like i’m wicked
I’m done the scars I won’t have them anymore
Pick them till they’re gone but that’ll just cause more
I’m torn feeling like a newborn
Cause ignorance is bliss.
If ignorance is bliss it’s because you never heard of it
I’m sorry if I’m in your way but
You’ve ran into a man that doesn’t care about your day.
Pieces of me left in the street
My heart’s filled with sin
And sin=heat
My heart’s beat
That’s an excuse to say you’re weak
I’m trying to be intelligent
But I’m living in a world that has sex for the hell of it
No one to love in my life but they expect me to find a wife.

In this world love is a show the show can blow up or I go. Love is as ironic as a puppet on a swing… one can get off but they both have strings. I don’t have time for love morning dove my heart was murdered dear god i can’t let this go further.

I’m growing up
But my mind is slipping up
Maybe i could be the best?
Could I even approach that test
Cause my mind is slowing down
When I think I’m the best i fall where’s my crown but i’m not a king ima circus clown
I’m not in suit I’m inna nightgown
My mind’s too deep
How can I sleep
When I wake up I pray for another day and then I slip away my brain was murdered.
I can’t let this go forward
(end monologue


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