Mallakamba (Kannada: ಮಲ್ಲ ಕಂಬ malla-kamba, Marathi: मल्लखांब malla-khamba, Tamil: மல்லர் கம்பம் mallar-kambam) is a traditional Indian sport in which a gymnast performs aerial yoga postures and wrestling grips in concert with a vertical stationary or hanging wooden pole, cane or hanging rope. The word mallakhamba also refers to the pole used in the sport.[1][2] The pole mallakhamba is usually made from the Seesham (Indian Rosewood) polished with castor oil.[3] Three popular version of mallakhamba are practiced using the sheesham pole, cane or a rope.[4]

Mallakhamba derives from the terms malla/mallar which denotes a wrestler and khamba/kambam which means a pole. Literally meaning “wrestling pole”, the term originally referred to a traditional training implement used by wrestlers.[5] Mallakhamb keeps body slim, hardens muscles and ensures the proper degree of tension for each.[6] On April 9, 2013, the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh declared mallakhamba as the state sport. More than 20 states of India have notified mallakhamba as the state sports.

मलखंब :
मलखम्ब भारत का एक पारम्परिक खेल है जिसमें खिलाड़ी लकड़ी के एक उर्ध्व खम्भे या रस्सी के उपर तरह-तरह के करतब दिखाते हैं। वस्तुतः इसमें प्रयुक्त खम्भ को ‘मल्लखम्भ’ ही कहा जाता है।

‘मलखम्ब’ (शुद्ध, ‘मल्लखम्भ’) दो शब्दों से मिलकर बना है – ‘मल्ल’ (बलवान या योद्धा) तथा ‘खम्भ’ (खम्भा)।
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